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Words mean something. They invoke interest, information, clarity. They invoke trust.

Used correctly, words connect you with the people who need your product or service. Used incorrectly, you are either written off as a flake or you lose your marketing voice entirely.

We take words very seriously here at Pro31 Marketing. Oh, we like to play with them, to have fun with them, but when we play, we’re insistent on playing by the rules of effective communication. It’s not funny to see unintentional mistakes. OK, some of those are funny, but not when it comes to misrepresenting your company’s message. So we take your source information and examine it. Then, if necessary, we rework it to effectively communicate your message. Your customers appreciate this. “Uncle Google” and “Aunt Bing” appreciate this. And your bottom line will definitely appreciate this.


Here’s Where We Use All Those Words:

Your Website

Many websites are written about the company. But that’s not what site visitors want to see. They want to see your products and services, yes. But mostly, they want a reason to buy from you. Is your website you-focused? Or customer-focused?

Your Blog

Blogs are one of the best ways your customers find you. But to be effective, blogs should be informative, helpful, useful, entertaining, or intriguing. They need to be written to the interest of people looking for products and services in your industry.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets offer something of value to your customer in exchange for their name and email address. Written correctly, these not only attract new customers, they build trust and can lead to up-sells and cross-sells for your current customers.

Email Campaigns

To keep email campaigns out of spam folders, your emails must zero in on what your targeted audience is seeking. We learn this through directed lead magnets. Then we craft and send a brief series of emails that addresses their specific interest.


Keeping your customers informed is key to keeping them connected! Whether they are prospective clients or regulars, your newsletter need to connect with each of them in one place or another. We craft and send these newsletters for you.

Landing Pages

To truly zero in on a specifically targeted segment of your intended audience, landing pages can be quite effective. Written correctly, they can attract a potential customer’s attention, tell the product or service story, capture lead information, and close the sale!

Editorial Services

Very good writers need editors. That’s because after a while, they see what they intended to type, not what was actually captured in print! We not only edit your major website design projects, we can edit your proposals, white papers, printed sales collateral, and anything else that needs a skilled third-party perspective.

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